A strategic alliance between Academia and Practice has been established in downtown Chicago. This unique ‘intersection’ of collaboration has yielded The Chicago Studio of the University of Illinois Urbana Champaign. This collaborative alliance has resulted more meaningful projectand a more significant experience for students and professionals compared to traditional studio approaches.

This course introduces seminal ideas and theoretical writings and connects them to social, political, economic, cultural and technical events and developments as they influenced architectural thought and built urban environments.

The course includes readings, projects and field trips to facilitate discussions and allow for holistic understanding.

For the fall semester 2018, the focus of the course was on downtown Chicago, especially the area around the Loop. By clicking on the boxes, you will be taken to the each area of the project. 

Figure Ground


Nolli Map

Building Age

Ground Floor Use


Rather than urban design, urban planning, urban studies, urban theory, or other specialized terms, urbanism identifies a broad discursive arena that combines all of these disciplines into a multidimensional consideration of the city.


-Margaret Crawford in Everyday Urbanism