Taught as part of the University of Illinois School of Architecture’s 2019 Fall, Chicago Studio, the course was coordinated by Professor Kevin Hinders but was delivered by thirteen Chicago firms who were generous with their time and candid response to the following request:

It is asked that each firm address two main issues: The IDEALS of your firm and the METHODS your firm uses to deliver those ideals to the general public and to the client.  

(excerpted from a correspondence with a Chicago architecture firm).



Students are to keep a sketchbook of their time in Chicago Students will be asked to demonstrate an understanding of the role of the architecture firms represented and their role in making Chicago the built environment we experience today. Students will create a graphic analysis of one structure/design authored by the firm to visit each week, to be completed in the sketchbook. 



Students are to attend each firm visit and record their  observations and write a single page paper on the ideals  communicated by the firms and their methods for delivering  these ideals to their clients and to the public. This  assignment is a research paper, not an opinion paper. It should be written in third person. First source research  including a minimum of two quotations with source  cited/attributed, must be included. 

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